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Automated, Secure Credential Management for
Authenticated Scanning with QualysGuard

Performing a deep internal security scan of a target system requires entering credentials at various levels to give the scanning software the access it needs to thoroughly identify and evaluate vulnerabilities. The number of credentials per target is affected by the operating system, middleware, databases and applications found on that system. Manually entering credentials is tedious and can put a company in violation of compliance regulations that require regular password changes and limited disclosure of passwords. Many customers set all their systems to the same account/password to make it easier to manage and never change that common password, making it easier for intruders to exploit.

In this webcast, we will show how to securely manage credentials while performing authenticated scans with QualysGuard, including eliminating the need to enter static credentials and automating credential delivery to keep passwords secure. This session will also show how the randomization of credentials thwarts jumping from system to system and minimizes certain types of APT attacks.

Webcast Recording Available

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Wednesday, Nov 6, 2013

Time zones:

10am - Pacific
11am - Mountain
12pm - Central
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20 min plus live Q&A


Daniel Morgan, Senior Systems Engineer, Lieberman Software

About the Speaker

Daniel Morgan is a leading engineer with the Professional Services Team of Lieberman Software. Daniel provides design, implementation, training, and support of privileged identity management software for companies spanning global manufacturing, regional utilities, healthcare, and managed service providers. In addition, Daniel has trained many security professionals over his career and is a key player in the support of Lieberman Software products. He has earned the respect of his colleagues and the loyalty of his customers by helping them with technical challenges they face deploying privileged identity management solutions on complex, dynamic networks.