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Get a complimentary copy of "Bulletproof SSL and TLS by Ivan Ristić"

Ivan Ristić’s book “Bulletproof SSL and TLS” provides best practices to use SSL/TLS encryption to deploy secure servers and WAS applications, and protect them from eavesdropping and impersonation attacks.

Also, you can maintain an A+ SSL/TLS grade with Qualys Vulnerability Management (VM) by continuously monitoring your configurations, checking for expiring SSL/TLS certificates, open ports and services. Simply check the box at the end of the form to get a Free Trial of Qualys VM.

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“The most comprehensive book about deploying TLS in the real world!”

Nasko Oskov, Chrome Security developer and former SChannel developer

“Meticulously researched.”

Eric Lawrence, Fiddler author and former Internet Explorer Program Manager

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